This page gets a lot of hits from search engines.  I never have the time to keep up with the tide charts anymore so since you made it this far, Iím going to let you in on a little secret I discoverd. The tides times at Haulover Canal are almost the exact same as the Daytona Beach tides.  Daytona Beachg tide times will get you close enough and keep you from wasting time fishing around low tide. If you want to be more pricise take the current Daytona tides and subtract 45 minutes from them.

Another important fact to remeber is that the  tide in Haulover Canal does not relate directly to the flow direction.  In other words a falling tide will not always flow east and a rising tide will not alway flow west. The flow direction through the canal is heavily influenced by the wind. North and east winds tend to push water thrrough the canal to the west. South and west wind tend to pushig water trough the canal to the east.





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